The facelift is a cosmetic surgery usually performed in men and women, it is responsible for eliminating the marks of time and aging.

So you can enjoy a more rejuvenated face, without lines of expression or wrinkles. In addition, tighten the skin to recover the elasticity and firmness and look 20 years younger.



This procedure is especially indicated for women and men from the age of 45 years who want an effective and lasting treatment of facial rejuvenation to give back to their face the lost vitality.

What causes the face to fall?

Time, daily sun, bad food habits and daily stress are some of the negative causes that cause the wear of the cutis of the people.

In Juventus Cosmetic we perform this face lift intervention, which is a surgical treatment to eliminate the abundance of skin, and thus remove the signs of flaccidity and improving the tone and luster in the face.


After surgery, the head and face are bandaged, without adjusting very hard, to help reduce inflammation and bruising of the intervention.

Following exactly the medical indications and with a specific care, after three weeks it will be possible to resume again the social and work life, this after the disappearance of the inflammation in the face.

At the end of the recovery process, you will see very natural results, enjoying a youthful skin, without wrinkles or flaccidity.

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