A neck lift is a surgical procedure that improves the signs of aging due to gravity, sun exposure, stress, and other factors which have caused unwanted lines and wrinkles on the neck area.

Wrinkles or folds that appear over time on the neck can be reduced with a neck lift procedure. Clients can also decide to include a facelift for a full face and neck lift procedure. In some cases, these two procedures can be combined with eyelid surgery to also eliminate these and other signs of aging.

During the first consultation with a specialists at Juventus Cosmetic Surgery, the client’s skin appearance is evaluated along with their clinical history, in order to perform the best and safest procedure to achieve the best possible result.



It is very important to bear in mind that a neck lift includes a previous procedure, such as the study of bone structure.

This is done in order to provide patient safety and in turn a specialized evaluation of what will be their intervention in the operating room.

If you have the following characteristics, you are the perfect candidate for a neck lift:

  • Excess fat and looseness of the skin on the lower part of the face.

  • Excess deposits of fat under the chin Loose skin due to heredity, gravity.

  • Loose neck skin by factors including inheritance, severity, environmental conditions, and stress.

There are several rejuvenation procedures that can be done in conjunction with a neck lift, which are:

  • Forehead lift: To correct sinking or deeply puckered forehead.

  • Fat transfer: To add volume to the lips, cheeks and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Eyelid surgery: To rejuvenate the aged eyes.


The first 15 days of the operation to lift the neck, the area will be swollen and probably have some bruises, approximately 7 to 8 days after surgery stitches will be removed and you will begin to see improvement in the neck area.

After this time, the swelling will gradually be reduced and the procedure will begin to be improved.

The final results you will see in about three months and enjoy a new neck.

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