It is a laser treatment that is with the energy of ultrasound through radiology and physical therapy to give the skin an aspect free of excesses, specifically on the face and neck or on both parts of the body.

​Chronic exposure to ultraviolet light is important for structuring, as the changes generated by this non-surgical resource decrease the thickness and loss of elasticity. In other words, aging.

Who can be treated with Ultherapy?
  •  Men and women between the age of 35 and 55 who have mild to moderate skin flaccidity.
  • Patients with greater flaccidity who do not want or can not go through a surgical process.
  • Anyone with droopy eyebrows and sagging cheeks around the mandibular region or neck

What happens next?
  • The redness and inflammation will subside within a few hours. At which time you can resume normal activities.
  • You may experience slight tingling or sensitivity to the touch about a week after the procedure. This is normal and temporary.
  • Another side effect could be inflammation which should subside within a week time.

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