At Juventus Cosmetic we believe that preparation is the key to achieving the best results, which is why we rely on Dr. Félix Ferrer, head of the wonderful Juventus Cosmetic Weight Loss Program. The work of Dr. Félix Ferrer has impacted the lives of many.. Weight Loss Program of Juventus Cosmetic that has succeeded in impacting the lives of many people.

We combine a well-known method and a healthy drug plan that includes nutritional recommendations and physical exercise to lose weight, as well as all possible alternatives under the weekly supervision of an experienced doctor.


What are the medications to prescribe? ​

You will be given an appetite suppressant once a week to help control unhealthy cravings. You will also be prescribed a diuretic that will help expel all fats and toxins from the body. In addition, you will be given an intramuscular injection of amino acids, which will help speed up the metabolism so that fat burning is faster and more effective.

Nutritional Plan to lose weight ​

It will also indicate a weekly feeding plan that will vary depending on your personal requirements and tastes, where you can adjust progressively until you lose the extra kilos in an easy, fast and safe way without plastic surgery.


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