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Calf Implant

Calf Implants at Juventus Cosmetic Surgery enhance the size and shape of your calves, providing a more defined and muscular appearance for balanced leg proportions.

What is Calf Implant about?

Calf implants are a cosmetic procedure designed to give calf muscles a more defined and contoured shape. These implants can make the calf muscles appear fuller and more muscular. They are usually placed through small incisions at the back of the knees.
De qué trata el Implante de Pantorrilla

How would a calf implant help sculpt my body?

Specially developed for those seeking impressive muscle definition, the calf implant enhances the appearance of the calf muscles. This procedure is ideal for those who want their calves to look fuller and more sculpted. By being placed through small incisions in the back of the knees, a natural and muscular appearance is achieved that enhances the symmetry and overall aesthetics of the body.

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