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Breast reduction

Breast Reduction at Juventus Cosmetic Surgery reduces breast size to alleviate discomfort and improve shape, providing a more balanced and comfortable silhouette. Achieve relief and confidence with our expert care.

What is a Breast Reduction?

One of the most common procedures among patients with symptomatic problems is breast reduction. Patients generally desire this procedure not because they want to reduce size for appearance, but due to many symptomatic issues such as neck pain, upper back pain, and shoulder pain. Some patients have had large breasts all their life and their shoulders are rotated forward and slouched. These are all common symptoms for patients with heavy breasts. The range of patients for breast reduction varies. There are those with large breasts and others a bit heavy, not causing severe symptoms but persistent and bothersome.

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The goal of breast reduction surgery is to improve symptoms. Usually, that goal is achieved by reducing the size, trying to improve things while at the same time giving a lift and making the breasts look aesthetically attractive. After all, it is plastic surgery, so appearance is important, but the main goal of this procedure is for the patient to feel better. The procedure works very well. Patients usually obtain a very pleasant benefit with regard to their symptoms. On rare occasions, a patient does not feel better after a breast reduction.

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