Breast reconstruction surgery is done to restore the shape of the breast and the contour lost after a mastectomy. Our surgeons possess the ability to recreate the breasts in shape, size and appearance to their previous natural breasts. The reconstruction can be done immediately, or right after the mastectomy, or at a later date, it could also be done with an expander and tissue implant or even with the body’s own tissue.

At Juventus Cosmetic Surgery, our specialists in breast reconstructive surgery can also operate immediately after you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and will partially or completely remove breast tissue (mastectomy).


Some women choose to have a breast reconstruction, while others choose not to. This choice is yours alone, our breast reconstruction surgeons can help you decide what is best for you. We have helped many women determine whether or not to undergo breast reconstruction surgery is the right choice for them


Depending on the procedure chosen, the downtime may vary.

For a tissue expander / implant reconstruction, recovery time generally varies from 2 to 4 weeks to return to a desk job.

For an autologous reconstruction, the average recovery time is four to six weeks to be able to return to desktop work or light activity.



When a mastectomy is performed, the nipple, areola and part of the breast skin are removed. This tense and reduces the envelope of the chest. To re-stretch the thin skin and chest pocket to accept an implant, a temporary expander is placed under the pectoral muscle.

The expander is inflated periodically in the Clinic, through a simple and painless procedure. This expansion technique will gradually extend the skin to accommodate the implant.

In a second surgery, after deciding the size and if a saline or silicone implant should be used, the expander is removed and an implant is placed.


The two most common procedures performed for autologous reconstruction are the TRAM flap and the posterior muscle flap plus the expander and the implant.

A TRAM flap uses its fat and abdominal skin for breast reconstruction surgery, and allows the surgeon to recreate a soft, natural-looking breast of its own tissue. With this technique you have the additional benefit of providing a tummy tuck, although you must have enough soft tissue to be considered for this breast reconstruction surgery procedure.

The latissimus flap procedure plus expander and implant is similar to the mammary reconstruction surgery described above, but uses the latissimus muscle, a thin muscle of the back. This procedure can be performed in cases where radiotherapy is a factor or the patient does not qualify for a TRAM procedure due to the lack of soft tissue.


Surgical team strives to achieve as much symmetry as possible between your breasts. This may involve breast augmentation, breast reduction or a combination of these different breast augmentation procedures.


Months after your initial reconstruction, you can reconstruct a nipple using a little of your breast skin. The areola is reconstructed using a skin graft or a tattoo.

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