The labiaplasty is a procedure that is performed in the female intimate area who have lost the elasticity and firmness of their muscles, causing problems of urinary incontinence and, in many cases, decreased sexual pleasure.

This aesthetic intervention consists of reducing the size of the labia minora of the vulva.


The main factors to perform this type of surgery are due to discomfort in the vaginal area such as friction, inflammation or discomfort when exercising (such as riding a bicycle) or simply dislike the appearance of the labia.

Therefore, the team of specialists at Juventus Cosmetic Surgery offers women, who want this type of procedure, the best results and advice so they can have confidence with their new intimate appearance and maximum enjoyment of the vaginal area.

Improve the appearance of your vagina with different techniques of Labiaplasty

  • Edge resection Technique

This procedure deals with the extraction of the excess tissues of the labia minora, giving you the advantage of having a very disguised scar that is hardly noticeable.

  • Central wedge resection procedure

This procedure consists in eliminating the surplus tissue of the thickest part of the labia minora via a small incision. The procedure results in a more natural look of the vagina and lips.

  • Technical Deepethelisation

This is a labial reduction procedure where the the tissues that line the vagina are cut. This will help you reduce excess tissue and give a much more natural look to the labia minora. This will help reduce excess tissue and give you a much more natural appearance to the labia minora

  • Labiaplasty with Laser

This procedure cuts and removes the excess skin on the labia minora via laser technology.


In order for the patient to recover from the intervention properly, it is recommended you rest up to one week.

Once you can walk normally, you can return to normal activities, like going to work, if you require physical effort, you should wait between two to four weeks more.

In addition, for a better and early recovery, it is advisable to drink abundant water and adapt a healthy diet for those days.

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