Sagging skin is a common problem among people who have lost significant amounts of weight. Also, it is an effect of the natural aging process, childbirth or your environment. One of the most affected areas for this problem is your thighs, as they are very prone to accumulate fat.

A thigh lift surgery is a procedure meant to improve the appearance of your thighs, removing all extra fat and skin, providing you with a contoured and smooth look.


The ideal candidates for a thigh lift procedure are:

  • People in good health
  • People with extra fat and skin that won’t improve with diet and exercise alone.

During previous consultations, your surgeon will determine the placement and extent of the incision, depending on what needs to be done to meet your personal goals. This procedure can be combined with others like liposuction and liposculpture for astonishing results.


Most patients need at least two weeks of rest after the surgery, after that you could go to work but with minimum physical activity. As usual, compression bandages will be mandatory to accelerate the healing process and reduce swelling.

Following your cosmetic surgeon instructions is an absolute must to achieve a good healing and a fast recovery. He or she will specify information about how long should you wear compression garments, when you should take antibiotics if prescribed, and the type of activity that is safer during your recovery time.

Your surgeon will also give you detailed instructions about the normal feelings you will experience and how to identify any unexpected signs of complications. The recovery time varies from one person to another. There is not a precise time for recovery of any individual patient.

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