Gynecomastia is an enlargement of one or both of the mammary glands in men or the elimination of excessive enlargement of one or both mammary glands in men.

Juventus Cosmetic Surgery has the best specialists in Miami,who perform this surgery where it is sought to eliminate excess gland and / or fatty tissue by an imperceptible incision around the areola.



This intervention is for men who tend to accumulate fat in their breasts who lift weights to eliminate them but haven’t had the right results.

What are the reasons that cause Gynecomastia?

This disorder is usually associated with hyperprolactinemia (known as excess prolactin in the blood that is also activated in men), or it can also be a genetic cause.


After a few hours of the intervention, the patient must rest for the first 48 hours in a semi-numbed rest position. Physical activities and driving should be stopped for 15 days after the surgery.

From the day of surgery and for 25-30 days after, the patient must wear a surgical band during the day and night.

After these days, the patient can return to his normal daily routine looking better than ever.

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